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[UPE/OS]★(¯ `•.Windows Phone ® 7.8 for Toshiba Tsunagi[7.10.8858.136][RTM].•´¯)★

Guest nokser

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General Informatin Windows Phone ® 7.8 [7.10.8858.136] Image System:

About Info System Windows Phone for Tsunagi:

- Windows Phone: 7.8

- Platform: Tsunagi

- BLDR Version:

- Modem: DFP-SDCAOWZM-221001-1

- ROM is based on: Windows ® Phone 7.0 Build 7.10.7510.1268

- Software: Windows ® Phone 7.8

- OS version: 7.10.8858.136

- Firmware revision number: 7.10.8858.136

- Hardware revision number: 112.576.2.0

- Radio software version:

- Radio hardware version:

- Bootloader version:

- Chip SOC version:

About Info Supported Devices:

-Toshiba Tsunagi TG01

-Toshiba Tsunagi T01A (Docomo)

-Toshiba Tsunagi X02T (SoftBank)

Add Xap/Oem/Dev. Packages:

-Pkg_FullUnlock - by ultrashot

-Pkg_InteropUnlock - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_AccountManager - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_ActiveSyncName - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_ExeLauncher - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_SearchOverride - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_AccountManagerWorker - by ultrashot

-PkgOem_XapDeployer - by ultrashot

-[XAP]WP7 Root Tools 1.0 - by Heathcliff74 - NEW!

Still Not Re-install New Driver:

-not use new driver in this release edition...


If You don't know How, then no update this System.

Release is example, for testing and have fun. At this moment, not for everyday use, etc...

Everything you do, you do at your own risk.

Download System Image Windows Phone:

- Language: en-US/zh-CN


- Language: en-US/de-DE/it-IT/fr-FR


- Language: en-US/pl-PL/ru-RU/es-ES


Info changelogs this release edition:


--Wifi - work!.

--Add Options - Run Download Mode, from position WP Desktop (Press and Hold: Volume UP+Down keys)

--Correct Red Scrap. Screen

--Add New BootLogo Image by LeSscro

--SMS Del./Send(0/+4x/etc) - working in Virgin MO Poland.

--Sensor/Camera/NullPDD/Capture Drivers - not use new driver in this release edition.

--Read MP4/etc - not work!

--Comming Soon...

If you like my work and want keep leaks coming don't hesitate to use my paypal button in signature

Copyright © 2013 UPE Product by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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