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SIM not recognized after flashe Xolo x900

Guest meziani

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since I flashed my ROM to ICS orange Xolo x900, my SIM is not recognized, the more I have no network.

I controlled my IMEI number, and it corresponds to a Iphone4!

here is my version baseband: SUNRISE_SMB_REV30_V2_R3_1233.B

Build number: V2.190

IFWI: 04.A4

Android: 4.0.4

serial number: Medfield3D3234E5

IMEI: 004999010640000

I know what to do, I was even ironed on ICS orange, but it's still the same problem.

help me please

sorry for the mistakes, I'm French





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Ignore the iPhone reference, it seems to be a result of the micro SIM used. If you phone CS you'll get put through to the iPhone section, just explain it wont recognise the SIM but don't mention rooting or Xolo.

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ok I did not understand, so I have to call Apple customer service?.

but I do not see why I should call apple customer service because I do not own an Orange Iphone but SAN DIEGO intel inside!

may be you have misunderstood my problem?

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I just figured out what happened with my phone,

in fact, the flashes went wrong which resulted in the modification of my IMEI 004999010640000.

I read on many sites the same phenomenon! all those who have missed their flash ROM were found with the same number 004999010640000 SIM!!

So there is a solution for Samsungs with free software that find your IMEI number and modifications.

by cons you need a special cable for the same Samsungs.

but my phone Orange San diego intel, I have not found it necessary to say that the phone is very recent.

So to summarize, I have to find my IMEI number true, plus I have not invoice or phone box and even opening the phone, it does not appear anywhere!.

I need a professional who possesses the right tools to realize a change in my IMEI by the good!

sorry for the mistakes I translate from French!

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Your IMEI number is on the white sticker just below the battery inside the phone - right next to the microSD card slot.

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You IMEI is also printed/engraved in the microsim tray: One side says TOP/HAUT, the other side has the IMEI number, and PID number (whatever that is).You can also find the IMEI in the original box.

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ok thank you you had a good idea to look on the SIM tray.

In fact I did not even pay attention, it is clear that there is something marked but without coming to read.

I have been obliged to use a magnifying glass to read the IMEI and PID

Fortunately, it's cool that you're here my friend!

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