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[APP] HydNote 0.4 -Simple pass phrase authenticated notes app-

Guest raverrr

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Guest raverrr


This is a minimalistic note taking app that requires you to speak the "magic words" to access the notes.

I made it for myself about a week ago and have been improving it a little at a time and thought "why not share it with my fellow Modaco users"


-Option to invert the text box background and font colour.(ideal for not blinding yourself at night)

-Quick font size changing

-Small footprint (uses a single very small database and saves only one text file to it)

-no ads (obviously)



Method behind the madness:

Q;What is the passphrase?


Open says me

Q:Why not just get the text to stay there? Why restore it each time?

A:Because that way if I get caught using it and asked to show the contents of the note (nosey BI***) I can just press "overwrite" before i press "Display note".

Q:Why no option to change the pass phrase?

A:This App was never meant to be released so I chose the one I wanted. I will add it in at a later date if I can figure it out.

Q:Why does it look so noobish?

A:It is noobish. It's the first App i have actually finished after trying my hand at several before.

Q:Why post it here?

A:I paid ZERO attention to what it might look like on other devices. For all I know the layouts will be messed up and out of proportion.

If this is the case...tough :). As long as it looks ok on my G300.



If you find it useful, bonus! Enjoy.

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