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Emotion UI (With widgets) for G300

Guest PCTechRoss

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i am uploading the stuff now, tested on cm10 and working, although the launcher has a bug where it wont let you set it as default (force closes)

everything is in the .rar archive extract it first, everything in the app folder can be installed as normal

the two zip files are to be flashed in recovery (boot animation and launcher)

the media folder is all the ring tones etc..

NOTE: launcher needs flashed or widgets will make it force close

NOTE: this was tested on an LG P990 running CM10, and is untested on any other version of android

if you want to test the launcher on another version of android like ICS, install it like a normal app first from the app folder,

if its OK then you can flash the launcher.zip

NOTE: these are to be taken as they are,

LINK http://www.solidfiles.com/d/b741b289e2/

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Guest bladebuddy

Probably a silly question Tillaz but the audio file extracted from the rar file download , do you just replace the one in system/media with It. Cheers J.

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