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SYNC problems

Guest Bogy1980

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Guest Bogy1980

i seem to have issues with syncing my contacts to google

it starts with syncing but after a few seconds it stops and says it's failed..

some itemans fail without problem like my agenda and google pictures.

but google tasks, drive, browser and contacts don't sync.

i'm using glowing liquid and i recovered mu phone lately using the recommended way (cwm; delete caches and so on; then rebooting).

I was hoping that this recovery would resolve my issues but it didn't.

i really need my contacts updated as i'm using 'go contacts' to add/edit groups and so on

thanks in advance!

(ifyou need more info; just ask)

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Guest Bogy1980

update: another problem i want to report that i often run into (which is actually much more harming my user experience)

whenever my battery runs empty and the devices falls out without shutting down, then the complete OS is ruined; i.e. i can't use the current installation anymore...

this really sucks and has led me to reinstall without usable backup and loose important data a few times already!

so when phone falls out without proper shutdown, afterwards it boots (when getting powered again offcourse) and it flashes the bluescreen right after the 'running acer logo' you get right before the desktop should start. after the flashing bluescreen (0.3 seconds) i get tje fastboot mode error and can't use my phone; only thing to do then is pulling the battery and power and rebooting into CWM and installing OS again after wiping all data...

I guess this problem can be overcome very simple; do a system file check upon startup if the filesystem is 'dirty'.. (for windows users; do a scandisk/checkdisk if the system didn't shutdown properly); at least; thats what i think that's not happening and what is causing this big trouble after such a simple case. my other phones fell without juice without any issues afterwards (CM 7) ...

I really wish i payed 50€ more and bought myself a phone with much broader support; i really miss CM and the other 'big' mods where not 1 person but groups of people have been working on...

La Vache; i really appreciate the work you've done, but this is what we get now; you're alone with what you do and when things go wrong you're still alone to solve the problems.. this is a pitty for us; your users, since we'll never get a good bugfree system as you are not a machine and humans are prone to make errors...

When i bought this phone i made a bet and i bet wrong... I think I'll try to bring it back to it's original state as good as possible, although i didn't make a backup of the original image... I'll then donate the phone and buy myself a midrange Htc or so...

It's sad; because the phone's performance is good, more then enough for what i need; but it's got limited internal storage and it just doesn't work properly with the scripts you gave. i need it to run S2E; so in case something goes wrong it'll still boot.. and even that's a problem with this device; there's no real stable custom rom...

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