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[ROM][Skate] RootBox - CM/AOKP/PA mix - Android 4.2.2 (20/03/2013)

Guest C3C0

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... or "Yet-another-CM/AOKP/PA-mix" 4.2.2 ROM which I find quite interesting and fast.

Detailed info can be found in the original thread @ XDA: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1806401

Unfortunatelly, I had to remove the Xposed framework that takes care of per-app UI layout since it's not compatible with our CPU.

Other than that, everything seems to be working fine.

Pie, as you know it from PA, has also some further additions. E.g. it shows complete (with clock and notifications) even if expanded

desktop is not enabled (when status bar is visible).


post-932905-0-98272400-1361181809_thumb. post-932905-0-80083300-1361181825_thumb.

post-932905-0-17885300-1361181839_thumb. post-932905-0-39807400-1361181873_thumb.post-932905-0-30354600-1361181887_thumb. post-932905-0-37862600-1361181919_thumb.

This is a rom suitable for advanced users only not whining about all the well known problems

or missing features.

Known issues

- no Camera flash

- bluetooth temperamental

- no Voice input (because of armv6)

- no thumbnails for recorded videos

- launcher home screen not showing at first boot - press home button to fix

- and all the others I forgot about or haven't came across yet


- ROM fits on 200MB system partition including my stripped gapps package


- ROM: http://tinyw.in/xJ2l (release 20/03/2013)

- Gapps: http://tinyw.in/qpn6 (updated 29/03/2013)

- Gapps Multi-DPI: http://tinyw.in/nSGc (updated 29/03/2013 - use in case of using other than stock DPI. Play store won't complain about apps incompatibilities)

- OPTIONAL: Compatible INT2EXT+ script: http://tinyw.in/Zjvl (flash after flashing rom and gapps)

Installation instructions

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into clockworkmod

- Backup your current ROM (optional but highly recommended)

- Wipe Data / factory reset

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / Wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts & Storage / format system (just to be sure)

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

- let it settle for couple of minutes until media scanner finishes its media scanning job. Otherwise UI might be a bit laggy.

- complete google setup and press Home if there's blank screen instead of launcher showing

Upgrade instructions - without wiping data

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into ClockworkMod

- Backup your current version (optional but recommended)

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts&storage / format system

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

- if you experience stability problems or other undesired behaviour, go for fresh install!!!

Reporting Bugs

When reporting, please:

1) provide as much detailed info as you can: e.g. what performance settings you use, method of increasing internal memory, ...

2) provide steps to reproduce the issue (if reproduceable)

3) attach a logcat containing info related to the particular incident (use aLogcat from play store)

Since I am not an Oracle I will ignore all bug reports that lack this information :)

Additionally, I will not provide any support for 3rd party user-apps that don't come with the ROM.

Thank you for understanding.

Source code

ROM: https://github.com/P.../tree/rb-jb-mr1

Device tree: https://github.com/C.../tree/rb-jb-mr1

Proprietaries: https://github.com/C...te/tree/cm-10.1

Kernel: https://github.com/C...35/tree/cm-10.1

Respect and credits go mainly to Tilal and KonstaT for doing all the dirty

work to bring JellyBean to ZTE devices, the original author [email protected], the whole androidarmv6 project team, AOKP team, Paranoid Android team, CyanogenMod and all the others involved. Special thanks to daemond for great patches solving the remaining issues (sound routing, HW VSYNC, video playback, FM Radio, ...)

Edited by C3C0
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Changelog 20/03/2013

- Synced with RootBox repos (20/03 nightly)

- semaphore driven sysinit for better int2ext compatibility

- Effem: new FM Radio app by daemond

--- RDS support

--- Automatic and manual search

--- Personal station list

- Option to set notification icon opacity

- CM style Volume toggle (tile)

- Dark RootBox - applies dark UI theme

- Dark RootBox toggle (tile)

- Option for Missed Call breathing notification icon

- Option for CM Power Widget in notification drawer

--- network mode toggle still WIP

- Updated gapps - latest Gmail

--- uninstall Gmail update from data partition if present

- Other small fixes

- Upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 12/03/2013

- synced with RootBox repos (official v3.9.1 - Full changelog)

- FM Radio with RDS support

- Koush's Superuser - integrated into Settings

--- removed SuperSU

--- don't forget to uninstall SuperSU updates from Data partition if present

- New cool battery icon styles: CircleMod, SquareMod, Speedometer

- Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps

- Updated Sleep Toggle icon

- MMS Breath option:

--- This will give your SMS notifications a breathing effect in the statusbar instead of being a static icon.

- Performance increase in thumbnail handling

- Navring: Fix landscape for phones and 4+ targets

- LockscreenPattern : Toggle dots/error pattern visibility

- Improved AOSP Download/Upload animation

- Option to force auto-rotate when keyboard is shown

- Fixed layout of Toggle setup dialog

- Notification icon opacity increased

- upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 05/03/2013

- synced with RootBox repos

- updated kernel (GPU driver)

- Option for setting WiFi region

- Lockscreen: fixed memory leak

- AOSP: fixed starting window memory leak

- Statusbar: fixed bugs in Transparency manager

- Statusbar: fixed crash when no Toggles are set

- CM: Caching of pre-scaled bitmaps - reducing memory pressure

- Enabled copy/paste in Google Talk

- Option to show WiFi name in notification drawer

- Notification Shortcuts

- Option to switch volume buttons on screen rotation

- Updated signal icons

- Lockscreen: option to enable/disable HW acceleration

--- fixes unlock ring glitch when HW accel disabled

- PIE improvements:

--- improved touchhandling, no emptyangle

--- better animations

--- clear all button for notifications

--- header with time and date for both panels

--- expandable notifications

- Notification Toggles reworked (still WIP)

- Pie Notification Toggle (still WIP)

- Navigation Ring reworked (still WIP)

- this is nightly with some features still WIP so

minor bugs should be expected

- upgrade without wiping data possible

- if you get "Process system isn't responding" after boot, just press "Wait"

Changelog 26/02/2013

- Synced with RootBox - official release V3.8 (Click here for more info)

- Profile tile reboot fixed (current profile indication might still be broken)

- Back to stock wifi and mobile signal icons

- Added Sleep Toggle – Turn Off Screen

- Option to maintain PIE position, disregarding orientation changes.

- Low battery warning policy now officially part of RootBox settings

- See Through Lockscreen

- Notification Behaviour selection: Normal, Never, Always expand

- Increasing Alarm Volume

- Flip/Shake Alarm Actions: Snooze – Dismiss Alarm

- New Sound Tile icons (cyclic)

- PowerMenu: Security Feature to Hide Reboot option while on Lockscreen

- Enabled HW rendering for Statusbar and Pie

- upgrade without data wipe possible

Changelog 22/02/2013

- Synced with RootBox official repos

- New WiFi and Signal icons

- StatusBar Toggles Holo Light: All toggles are now Holo when option is enabled.

- New Toggle: RootBox Toggle to access RootBox Settings

- Screen Delay timeout stuck @5 Seconds fixed

- Option to disable fullscreen keyboard in landscape mode

- One touch profile selection

- Long press Profile Toggle: Profile Settings

- Long Press Quiet Hours Toggle: Quiet Hours Settings

- AOKP Record Toggle: Record Voice through toggle (Record, Stop, Play)

- Lockscreen Memory Leak fixed

- Lockscreen targets: Smaller icons with rounded corners

- Quiet Hours: Fixed notification sounds playing when Quiet Hours enabled.

- Profiles: Lockscreen options (Insecure, Disabled, Default) fixed

- Lockscreen NavBar: Little circle overlapping NavBar Buttons when PowerMenu or StatusBar dropped down on lockscreen.

- upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 20/02/2013

- synced with RootBox official repos

- fixed Pattern Lock Settings crash

- SystemUI: fixed couple of memory leaks

- added S2E compatibility (mount as ext4)

- some Pie improvements

- Screenshot sound&delay (in ROM control/Power menu)

- Low battery warning options (in ROM control/Battery)

- Option to disable button backlight (in Display settings)

- upgrade possible without wiping data

Changelog 18/02/2013

- Initial release

Edited by C3C0
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Good job C3C0, Forum'm HTCMania and I think a fully customizable rom also like to know which scripts which carries or hasnt to attempt to improve the great rom that you have create.

Thanks for your work and sorry for my English half translated.

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Tried it . MAN this ROM has the best features inside a box and it's super faster.

Also there's a bug when you open Message application , the status bar goes white and then stays black.

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It happens in all white and bright apps. Related to status bar transparency which I was not able to turn off so far... Option for setting transparency level somehow doesn't work for me...

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