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Guest zenith7
how to swaped recovery in fastboot... i don't know.
i have installed all this things in G300 
android 4.0.3 /baseband 2030 /vers B952 / with clockworkmod recovery installed
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1. http://db.tt/aARbPfGr 2. unzip it a folder on your pc 3. boot into recovery 4. then open a cmd terminal, switch to the folder you extracted busybox into and do 'adb push busybox /tmp' 5. "adb s

Here to , but i think it's hard nut to crack , to make it suitable for everyday use and with good battery life , maybe topic is closed , or Dazzozo 's on holyday :D

I really want a working ubuntu phone in my g300 but I guess it would not be possible... and I don't know how to do it.

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Absolutely desperate for the files for the g300 ascend huwaei phone for ubuntu touch can somebody please make a reuploaded lin of them please, got mine on kitkat but want it on ubuntu, you simply cannot aquire these all links point to this thread and the links in the thread are dead now please help.

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