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TWRP v2.323 touch and CWMR v6.028 Recoveries for G3, just ported!

Guest Jolufa

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Hello, I just have build the ports of the best and most used recoveries for our G3, in their latest versions.

1) TWRP (Teamwin) Touch version

2) CWMR (ClockworkMod) version

TWRP: Full touch, compressed backups (about 50% of CWMR backup size), backup boot, recovery, uboot, android-secure, system, data, etc..

Skins support.

They are compressed in RAR format (and the scatter file is inside, for flashing through Flashtools) or can be made with Mobileuncle Tools if the phone is rooted

The RAR files contain the corresponding hash file, for check integrity.

Both were tested successfully on my phone, so I recommend it.


Recovery TWRP_2.3.2.3


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Thanks !!


(And thanks also for using MEGA... and not a broken link or boring killing storage as others do... ;)  )



p.s. Seems that TWRP image does not work. Freezes on TEAMWIN logo ... :-(

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