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Want Windows Phone 7.8 now? Try this easy tool

Guest hecatae

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Guest hecatae

Courtesy of 'windows phone hacker', since the Windows Phone 7.8 cabs are out and about now, jaxbot has created a simple little tool to automate the process of downloading and installing the updates to your phone.

This tool will install the official, RTM Windows Phone 7.8 update today, right now. It's easy. Just click Install 7.8, then select the desired language packages - then wait.

Basically, the tool acts as a wrapper for the UpdateWP file, and contains all the updates and their language packs. Using this tool has the same risk as using the manual cab method, so keep in mind that jaxbot is not responsible if anything goes wrong, despite that being very low. Use at your own risk! :)

You can download the tool from the windowsphonehacker site.

If you try this method, let us know how it goes.

[Via: Windows Phone Hacker]


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