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[STOCK] GEM7008-newgs 161112-1400 ROM

Guest gemini-frank

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Guest gemini-frank

In this topic you'll find the utility and ROM to restore your Gemini Devices 7008-newgs tablet to the latest software release.

Before you begin, please run the 'Updater' application and ensure your device is listed as a 7008-newgs. This ROM is NOT suitable for the 7008 or 7008-newpanel.


  • Windows PC
  • microSD card
  • Card reader for PC
    Note that updating the ROM will wipe the device!


    In order to prepare for installation download the following files:
    • 161112-1400 ROM - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 3cfd55858b06ecb96cab138866698e3e
    • PhoenixCard - DOWNLOAD


    To install the ROM on your device, carry out the following steps:

    [*]Unzip the two zip files you downloaded

    [*]Insert the microSD card and reader into your PC - note that the card will be wiped

    [*]Launch PhoenixCard

    [*]Click the 'DiskCheck' button - a drive letter should appear

    [*]Click the 'Img File' button and select the image file you just extracted

    [*]Click the Burn button and wait until completed ('Burn End' will be displayed as below)


    [*]Turn off your 7008 device

    [*]Insert microSD card into the tablet

    [*]Turn the device on

    [*]Watch the screen - 'Card OK' will be displayed when the update it completed and the screen will turn off

    [*]Eject the microSD card and start the device

    If you have any questions feel free to post below! :)

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