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Zte Blade II - P735TB01 [MSM7225a/1GHz] - ROMs, FTM, back to stock

Guest mobilexpert

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Guest mobilexpert

Hello all,

i dont post here much but i hope this thread will be usefull,

since i got one of the newer blade 2 phones and ran into an issues with rooting, unlocking and back to stock.

This thread is compilation of many threads/posts/links found on various forums/sites.

first of all, some info's :

- this is a BRAND NEW hardware, with MSM7227A cpu / 1GHz, very similiar (if not identical) with huawei G300/U8815

- android inside (stock) is 2.3.6 GingerBread

- firmware / factory model is BLADE II / P735TB01 / GB_P735TV1.0.0Bxx (model/baseband ver/build number, xx= 01, 03, 10)

- phone is sold in sweden, locked to comviQ

second - rooting :

thanx to sebastian404, we have working CWM / Root method, can be found HERE

unfortunatly, if you want to unlock your phone (unlocking is supported on FuriousGold, pack5 ONLY),

you will need "FTM" mode, which you loose when you put CWM.

Fortunatly, you can get back to stock recovery/stock rom via CWM flashing, and modded update.zip files.

find out how in next part :

third - returning back to stock rom / recovery (with FTM mode) :

CWM have some issues flasing standard update.zip rom, and script asserts cant identify model properly,

but that can be fixed easy.

first you need some stock rom for P735T, which can be found HERE, choose Telenor Sweden, download it. (127Mb)

how to flash ? here we go :

- unpack archive somewhere (P020120511586170695190.zip)

- there will be update file.zip inside, unpack it too, you will get folder "update file"

- navigate to folder /META-INF/com/google/android , there is a file "updater-script", with no extension

- use Notepad++ editor, edit updater script, and remove first 3 lines, save edited file, replacing original one

assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "blade2" ||

getprop("ro.build.product") == "blade2");

assert(getprop("ro.product.name") == "P735T_EUROPE");

- get back to the root where you unpacked files, will be folders Meta-Inf, etc, select all files, and make zip archive called update.zip

- transfer update.zip to phone, via USB storage mode

- enter CWM and do update from update.zip (or install zip from sdcard)

voila ... you are back to original rom (in case of warranty RMA etc.)

* after this operation, factory updater works too...

i also attached "ripped off" recovery.img, from factory online updater,

but havent tested it. in theory, reflashing it from fastboot should return recovery to stock,

with FTM mode enabled, and remove CWM. USE WITH CAUTION ! untested !

(if you are familiar with ADB, you can easily get back to CWM recovery, etc.)

fourth - sim unlocking :

as i mentioned earlier ... unlocking is possible only via FuriousGold and FTM mode.

if somebody need, i have attached NVM backup made via QPST, and DFU mode.

(you can find more about it on the forum, do search)

backup IS SIM-LOCKED, it's attached in research purposes only (to see how it differs from older blade/blade 2),

and untill somebody finds a way to use it, it's here for reference only, dont write it in your phone.

actually, it's always WISE to make a NVM backup from your phone, in case something goes wrong.

conclusion :

i hope this post will save you from hours and hours of struggling how to get back to stock,

remove CWM, flash rom etc. (i was not so lucky, thats why i wrote it )

some request, at the end : ( for sebastian404 or someone more skilled)

i ripped of factory flash file with all partitions, tried to make it usable for totaly dead phones,

via DFU mode, changed loader etc, but it refuses to flash (maybe we need offline flasher for some other model?)

if sebastian would have some time to spend checking it, i will upload it somewhere.

also, people from belgium, who own this phone, could make NVM backup,

since their phones are sold SIM UNLOCKED, maybe that could help in unlocking process.

last one ... request for some CM7/9/10 rom .... if possible at all.

p.s. maybe this should be sticked thread ?

thanx for your attention,







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Guest omegavesko

Interesting. I had no idea this existed.

Perhaps it would be possible to port ROMs from the G300? They do have the same SoC.

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Guest mobilexpert

neither did I, untill yesterday some friend from sweden brought it :D

lost half of the day, flashing, upgrading, downloading, playing ....

but we got it :)



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Guest mobilexpert

Isn't the 1GHz phone the Blade III ?

it still looks like classic blade, but hardware is a bit different, and model number.

i see on gsmarena, it's listed as Blade II V880+, phone i had in my hands looks identically.

we still have open questions, about adapting roms from blade3 ... maybe it's possible, we'll see in future.



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I can confirm, that the fastboot method of flashing stock recovery works. Stock recovery flashes the zip, but then gives me error 7, but fortunetly, after reboot everything works.

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Guest Fredrik Ludl

The phone is basic and straight forward, but ho to get more memory?

The bloated apps is impossible to get rid of, so what is the best memory tweek?

And for the curius.

I have a Blade, I bought a Blade 2 to a friend.

The Blade 2 is the problem!

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