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Best way to solve the charging issue

Guest goodintentions

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Guest goodintentions

Just bought this as a toy for $22 from amazon. The first thing I noticed right away is if I put the pins on and wear it like a watch I won't be able to charge the device without taking out either the pin or the device from the clipper. Kinda annoying. So, a thought occurred to me to solve this. And so far, it's worked wonderfully. I dare say of all the proposed mods on the internet, including making another pin from a paperclip, my mod is much easier, faster, and make this device more multi-purpose.

You know how the liveview came already attached to the clip meant for you to clip it to your packpack or whatever? It very easily detach from it. Take it out and super glue the 2 pieces together. Don't use the piece that you can attach the pins to. Just super glue the piece that has the clip to the liveview. Be careful not to super glue shut the charging port. Leave that area alone.

Now, all you have to do is clip it into the part of the metal part of the strap. This way, you can wear it as a watch and you can clip it to things when you want to.

Here's a picture of it sitting on my wrist as a watch.2013-03-07%2011.13.18.jpg

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Guest maniac_mouse

I pulled the clip fitting apart, removed the metal clip frame and set it aside, then put the plastic bits back together and then glued them to the back you attach the pins to.

This gives the unit enough height for on-strap charging. Only disadvantage is i had to remove the little rubber usb protector as it got in the way. I put a bit of insulating tape over it to protect it and just peel it off when i recharge.

Time will tell if the glue holds or the thing falls apart, but it seems to be ok for now.

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