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TPT boot loader does not start - please help

Guest thomasboyd

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Guest thomasboyd

Hoping you can help me and a small number of other people i have seen with the same problem.

I am unable to activate the TPT bootloader required for repartitioning the drives to allow ROMs supporting later versions of android.

I have an UK purchased Orange San Francisco

(Mem Info 204 mb / 421 mb)

Running ROM Cyanogenmod 7.2 (2.3.7 Android)

I am completely unable to start TPT from the GUI because it shows as not currently supported by my ROM but upon attempting to activate the bootloader through a restart holding MENU & Volume + results in boot process stalling upon the green android logo.

(however I was once able to activate the greentext boot loader, sadly I do not remember the slightly different steps I may have used)

Has anyone here faced similar issues?

If you are facing the same issue please post your system specs.

At the moment I am stuck using android 2.3.7 and will not be able to upgrade my phone any further.

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