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digitizer part-number for Viewpad 10s

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hello, i'm from germany and i buyed 3 weeks ago a new Viewpad 10s.

On day after i bought it, it falls down and the digitizer-glass was broken :( (but it still works!) :blink:

I ordered a new digitizer on a ebay-store in Hongkong and now the parcel arrived to me. :P

After dismounting my viewpad, i checked th cable of the broken digitizer - it has the number 48R-101012-1300 :mellow:

The Digitizer i bought has the Number 48R-101012-1200. The cable length and the number of pins are equal.

Now i'm wondering if the part fits to my device?

If it fits, there is a new question: Is it possible to replace the digitizer without disassembling the whole device? I saw some videos at youtube, how it works; If i warmed up the screen, is it possible to replace him without dismounting the LCD-Screen from the case?

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