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Help wanted! ZTE v9 only start to bootanimation

Guest Ollie1311

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Guest Ollie1311


yesterday i tried to upgrade my zte v9 (Base tab) from FROYO to cyanogen 7. Since i did this my tab only starts to this...


Nothing more happen. After this i tried to get in FTM mode by using the known buttons (vol- and power), but it went to following:


In this screen it stay and i am not able to move an choose an option. Now i want to rescue my ZTE and i need help to manage this.

Is here anybody in there to help me PLEASE??





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Guest HarryPirate


In order to test if everything is OK and to begin from a clean start do it like this:


1 - Cleaning

1.1 Wipe data/factory reset

1.2 Advanced-> wipe dalvik

1.3 Advanced-> wipe battery stats

1.4 mounts and storage-> format boot, format system

1.5 mounts and storage-> format system

1.6 mounts and storage-> format sdcard

2 - Partition your SD card

2.1 advanced->partition sd card->512MB->0MB

2.2 mounts and storage-> mount usb (connect to computer and copy CM ROM and Gapps to your sd card)

3 - Flash ROM and GAPPS

3.1 install zip from sd card->CM7 Rom

3.2 install zip from sd card->GApps

4 - Reboot

Leave it alone for 5 minutes

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Guest Ollie1311

well... with intend to rescue my ZTE i used "v9_GenericV1.0.0B03(official)_156MB_sytem..." and i had only limited success. Now i get the following on screen...


I may switch between the options up and down but if i confirm one of the options with the power button nothing happens! I only get this


Now i ask, is there any way to solve the problem? If, please instruct me step by step...


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