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[HELP] [ROM's] Need help with ROM Choosing for my ZTE Atlas W

Guest WiiSky70

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Guest WiiSky70

So i bought an P736E (ZTE Atlas W) yesterday and it came with the usual Android 2.3.5 Stock ROM.

Before i've turned it on i've upgraded the Build Version from V1.0.0B03 to V1.0.0B05 using the ZTE Updater tool. And after the upgrade process completed i've configured the device as 1st time and i've connected my Google Account with it .

I've lauched the Google Play Store and it found 10 updates for the crappy bloatware that came with . Now those updates can't be saved into the SD Card , as internal memory is almost out-of-space to install anything i came to this forum section (Since i have the ZTE Blade (OSF) and ZTE Skate (OMC) im quite ready to install any ROM .

But since i have an P736E Variant i want help with choosing some ROM that meets these requirements :

* Gives enough battery life for SMS/Calls and for browsing the Internet

* That performs good enough for gaming or multitasking (Without that loading times or lag)

* That is stable and feature packed

* Have everything working and with good support for regular build updates

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Guest gbosh

Androdium is imo the best stock based ROM and it's receiving updates.

Also you have to flash this kernel

Cm roms have some things not working on the blade 2.So stock based are best

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Guest dimi89

Cyanogen mod 7 is best for me (battery life+speed+stability) but radio and front camera isnt working ...If you can live without it flash CM 7 and try it.

P.S.Another good feature in cm7 and all CM roms is themes...I am using Galaxy theme for CM7 and it is great.

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