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Extended Battery; suitable case/keyboard for Note II

Guest pedrojaime

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Guest pedrojaime

Hello everyone, I have joined the 21st century with Note II after my Huawei pulse was stolen last week!

I noticed someone else on the Samsung forum has bought an extended battery from MugenPower and I was wondering if anyone has bought this similar item for the Note II:


What I like about this is that it comes with a clip-stand but it looks huge and so far the battery seems better than my last phone, even though this one is 20 times more powerful!

I was also wondering if someone has found a good case/keyboard/wallet for this phone since in its current state - without any protection, it is liable to just slip out my pocket all too easily. At the moment, I find the most convenient thing to do is unfold my wallet and slip in inside along with the notes and then I am more confident it's not going to get lost quite so easily.

Any suggestions for me? Maybe I should be hunting around for a wallet the same size as the phone instead..



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