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Guest ZolaIII

I tried to flash a G510-0200 update to my G510-0100. It doesn't work. Luckily it fails after it checks the update file and before it starts the update process so it'll be a simple case of detecting the model and refusing to update because it's not on the list.

Safest way would be to update using custom packaged roms. When available.

Probably changing the model number in bild property would do the trick!

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Guest ZolaIII

I inspected my rom & fined out even some parts for dual sim mtk socs!

I think that main part is the same; core & driver's for all msm based models!

I will browse a rom little bit more!

I fined out that they mostly used older hardware driver's from msm7627a soc that is bilded in G300 correct me if I'm wrong! As some of other people intellectual property ak from project aurora & CM!

Please pass to the guy that did tray to flash the costem kernel bat the touch input didn't work to tray to copy the framework. jar to the phone from bild that kernel originated! & du the backup first!

I'm a little rusty whit this things i didn't mode eni thing for a year naw!

This did the trick in some cases!

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