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PLEASE HELP XOLO X900! Big Trouble!

Guest nitinmits

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Guest sbshines

Thanks BlueMoonRising for helping !
Solved the problem !
Things you need:-
1-Your phone whose display is flashing colors after flashing update.zip after 37mb or 12mb update
2-hdmi cable
3-a tv or display that supports hdmi

turn on your phone and connect it to the tv via hdmi cable....you will see the xolo logo on the phone and the remaining booting process will be visible on your tv!
Now the tricky part is that the touch on your phone is working but not in the right orientation ie when you see landscape on your tv, hold the phone in portrait and vice verse. you have to use your imagination and touch the screen according to what you see on the tv
Go to settings->about->advanced settings->check show pointer location...this will help you see where you are touching and adjust your gestures.

Now the final step...turn on your wifi or packet data and go to settings->about->system updates->update via ota and download the 37 mb update and install it !

Reboot and Volla!! your display is back!



Hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Great Trick

Thanks u guyss.. Though struggled for hdmi cable :)

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Guest gunjansk

hey guys i did what steps you all suggested and the phone works....now it restarts automatically after every min or so...what should be the problem now...its running android version 4.0.4

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