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[Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

Guest rickywyatt

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Guest rickywyatt

AIO Root/flash/Logo and more for Ics only Xolo & Orange

information about this tool

This tool is made by me but with the help of many other's with this tool you will be able to do

meny things but you use this tool at your own risk I or modaco will not take any reasonably

if you brick your phone.

with this tool you will be able to

  • root ics
  • flash xolo ics
  • flash orange ics
  • flash orange,xolo and stock Intel logos
  • Enable sdcardswap sdcard mounts
  • Mass Storage
  • deodex orange,xolo
  • Enable both sdcard so pc and phone can see sdcard_ext
  • Downloader will now download what's need for this tool
  • libhoudini update to improve app compatibility
  • Downgrade From Patched Xolo Update
  • Flibblesan's stock xolo mod pack
  • Themes
  • Adb backup and restore
  • Enable init.d
  • Density Mod
  • Remove Branding
  • Build.prop Mods

    Download Here
    • backup.exe - 243 KB please run this backup program first if you have used the AIO Tool before
      • SanDiego.exe - 38 MB updated 23 Jan 2013

        Changes from last update
        • Added Signal Boost
        • Changed the look of aio tool
        • Removed most adb remount from auto xolo and orange scripts
        • Removed most of adb reboot from auto xolo and orange scripts

        Old Versions will be removed once new aio is up

          [*]backup.exe - 243 KB please run this backup program first if you have used the AIO Tool before

            [*]SanDiego.exe - 26.8 MB updated 03 Jan 2013

            [*]SanDiego.exe - 27.9 MB updated 06 Jan 2013

            [*]SanDiego.exe - 30.8 MB updated 09 Jan 2013

            SanDiego.exe - 30.8 MB updated 15 Jan 2013

            if you feel that my tool has help you please consider a small donation


            Donations iv got thanks very much to

            VanCrack = £5.00

            BlueMoonRising = £5.00

            Nick = £5.00

            Kevin = £3.00

            Geoff1951 = £5.00

            Richard £5.00

            thanks to







              [*]if you what to move from orange to xolo or xolo to orange you will have to root and change logo

              How to setup and use


              Please download the manual from the buttom of this post


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Guest Simon O

Thank you. Now to see if I can get this working on OS X lol

edit: Script is easy to understand so I can do stuff manually. Really nice script though. Very well done and also well done for finding out the new logo flash method :D

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Guest punjuk12

Hi i flashed the orange logo fine. I went to flash the orange ics and it pushed all the files, but upon rebooting it went into Android system recovery? rebooting just sends it back here any help?

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Guest rickywyatt

you should leave it as it would send the orange update.zip thow fastboot

boot the phone into fastboot by holding vol - and power button until you see a little blue man the select option 3 and wait for it to send the update

you will need to have Intel drivers preinstalled

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Guest punjuk12

got to the little blue man but when pressing 3 it said device not found. Tried the fix brick option which re flashed the xolo update. I think i will remain on xolo for a little while :)

Really nice tool you have created though.

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Guest geoff1951


Questions from a novice - so please be tolerant.

I went straight from OGB to Xolo ICS (without rooting) and it went perfectly. Thanks to all. I now want to try rickywyatt's all-in-one to see what Orange ICS looks like, have read the posts and threads several times., but am unsure of some of the procedures.

First, in the setup instruction, where rickywyatt says "extract to c:/, ...put xolo update.zip in c:/ SanDiego/xolo..., etc...", am I correct in presuming "c:/SanDiego" refers to how the phone shows up when connected by USB cable to my computer? Mine shows as "My Computer/USB storage" and I can then open it to see the various folders - Android, attachments, bluetoothdownloads, Yahoo, etc, and the previously loaded Xolo zip. The same as seen if I use ES File Explorer on the phone.

Second, at the bottom of rickywyatts' post, there's a link to a file, SanDiego.rar, 3.43 mb. What's this one for, and do I need this?

I'm more than happy to drag/copy/extract files/install stuff, (I rooted my previous SF and upgraded it from Frodo to GB without any problems, and have built PC's from scratch) but once it comes to more complex issues, I'd prefer to be clearly guided by younger and wiser heads. Many, many thanks in advance.

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The file is the tool so yes you need that, it must be put in c:\

Put xolo update zip in xolo and fixbrick folder,

and orange update in orange,

and system from orange gingerbread in system folder so that it is system folder with all the system directories in this folder directly,

Connect device

If not rooted, press 2 to root

If rooted, press 3 to update to orange

When you press 3, the tool will install insecure adb app, you then go to that app on device, give it root and tick both boxes, now disconnect and reconnect usb cable, press continue, the tool will now send the gingerbread system to your device.

(Note: wait for the usb connected sound before pressing continue or the tool will fail to send and move to next step which is sending update)

Then device will reboot, you may get message on tool saying device not found or the like, ignore this as it is waiting for bootloader, there may be a few minutes where you think it is not working, but wait.

Now you will see on tool display, "sending update" followed by "writting update"

Thats it it will do the rest by itself.

Once booted, enable usb debug and press 2 again if you want root.

Edited by Guest
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Guest Santiago97

Many thanks for the amazing work, rickywyatt. You mention that you can mount mmcblk0p1 in the OP. Just wanted to know if this means that you are trying to mount the external sd to mmcblk0p1...

Thank you once again...

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Guest benichou

I deleted my post, because Ricky asked me to do it, but i find it very sad, that we cannot propose modification directly in the script, and have to create from A to z a new script wheres to add some line in the tools is faster.

It is open source we can all contribute.

you took my edited script to root and without ask me if i wanted.... but i will pass over that ...

I will create a thread, and if it is working, i ask you to add these few line to your tools..

Good night

Edited by benichou
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