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Guest plewis1981

I origionaly posted this in the new apps thred but thought i deserved it's own.

I Found out about THE TOR NETWORK after reading a news report about a site which could only be accessed covertly throung THE TOR NETWOR., which basicly bounces your internet signal around, removing any restrictions in place by your ISP, and keeping your online activities private.

The Android app is called ORBOT this is the play store link.


I can now download from solid files without getting 403 forbidden. If it dose not work for you let me know and i will remove 404 FORBIDDEN FIXED from the title.

the apps it offers you are optional.

They also support PC

For more info on TOR just google The TOR Network.

Happy surfing.

Edit - Just thought I should point out Google dose not like to search through the network, the first few times I did I got a captcha and now I just get a message that something went wrong. So its best to start the connection to TOR once you have your search results. Had no problems with alter vista yet

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