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A sad end to my Galaxy Camera experiment

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

Once upon a time I had a digital camera.

It was a little Canon S100 and it was brilliant. It took wonderful pictures.

All was right with the world when suddenly a new, sexy camera came on the scene - the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The GC100 as it was known promised higher res (16 Megapixel images), a 21x optical zoom and best of all, Android built in with all the goodness that brings! Yes, I was foolish... my dad always says 'buy your camera from a camera company' but I thought heck, how old fashioned... and eBayed my S100 to pay for a Galaxy Camera!

To start with things were great, we got along like a house on fire, posting images to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such like... but before long the relationship began to sour. When I got home and looked at images on my computer, they just weren't up to scratch. *shock* - maybe dad was right! We really tried to get on, but it got burdensome managing the Galaxy Camera's battery as well as lugging round the huge device itself. We tried counselling, but everyone I spoke to said the same thing - yes, the pictures aren't very good from it. But I loved the connectivity! Then came the nail in the coffin for the relationship...

I discovered the Canon S110, an update to my original much loved snapper that added touchscreen and wifi support. Wow! I knew I could go back to Canon and they would forgive me... so I bid the Galaxy Camera a sad farewell and bought a S110. I unboxed it with some trepidation... did absence make the heart grow fonder? Could it be as great as I remembered? My heart leapt when I picked it up - so small and manageable, so familiar... and when I took some images, WOW, incredible. I'd made the right decision. I headed on over to lovecases and picked up the lovely little Capdase 100B red case to protect my beloved camera. Compact, easy to chuck in a bag, wonderful soft lining... my gorgeous little (white) camera now had a wonderful little red case.

Me and my camera lived happily ever after*.

*until the next camera gadget comes along ;)


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