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Mouse disappears when connected

Guest warwound

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I recently got myself an S3 and have a problem - when i connect it to my computer, the mouse disappears and doesn't return until i reboot with the S3 disconnected.

The mouse disappeared when i connected my S3 to my computer for the first time, and a few times after that.

I installed Kies and now everything was ok - i connect my S3 and the mouse does not disappear.

Then i wanted to root my S3 so following a tutorial i uninstalled Kies and used Odin to root my S3.

At this point there was no problem with the mouse.

Next i reinstalled Kies and still everything works ok.

But at some point in the last week something has changed - if i connect my S3 via USB i see the mouse on my monitor disappear as soon as i connect it.

Diconnecting my S3 doesn't bring the mouse back - only a reboot with the S3 disconnected brings my mouse back.

I'm running Windows 8 64 bit, Kies and Samsung drivers are all up to date.

Also before the mouse started disappearing i had the adb drivers working - my S3 showing up in Device Manager and my Android SDK could connect to the S3 logcat.

Since the mouse started disappearing the S3 no longer shows in Device Manager and my Android SDK does not detect it.

Has anyone got any idea what the problem is?


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All fixed...

I uninstalled Kies and the Samsung drivers, rebooted and reinstalled Kies.

Let Kies update itself and now it works with no problems.


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