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Galaxy Note 2 users who upgraded from original Note

Guest Lister Of Smeg

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Guest Lister Of Smeg

Hi All,

Apologies for posting in a Galaxy Note 2 forum, but it seems the original Note forum is somewhat dead... :( Having posted a question over a week ago, and some 200 reads, no one knows anything about the N7000 ???

So I hoped maybe some/any of you in here, may of had the original Note and upgraded to the Note 2.

Could you take a look at this thread here please..

And let me know what your thoughts are on those questions...

And also now discovered it suffers from a eMMC bug... Is this still a safe device to buy as a potential upgrade. Can you still flash ROMs to it safely if done in a certain method. Can you get Samsung to swap/replace the board...??

Thanks, Lister

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Guest maniac_mouse

I answered a few of your questions in the other thread, but to update the info a bit, i have just upgraded to the Note 2 after quite a few months using the origional note heavily. 

The eMMC bug really isnt an issue as long as you flash a safe kernel before factory resetting.  I think it was only an issue with certain ics roms, and on specific chipsets (use gotbrickbug on the play store to see if yours is affected)  every rom/kernel released recently has the eMMC_ERASE command disabled, so its not a problem. My note had the emmc bug and i have had no issues with it whatsoever despite flashing quite a few roms onto it.  There is a very concise guide on xda concerning the brickbug and how to avoid it.


The only issue i have had with the note is a weird dohnut shaped cluster of jet black pixels gradually form near the centre of the screen, they arnt noticable until you view a gray screen in complete darkness.  Apparently its due to ink bleeding from the amoled and is a result of the manufacturing process not being perfect.  This fault is also present on quite a few samsung screens. Some have dark spots all over the screen whilst others are clustered like mine.  As i say, its not visible under normal viewing conditions, but it is getting worse over time.


Battery life is so-so, expect to charge it once a day, maybe twice if your watching hd video or gaming, but bear in mind that mine is quite old now.

It can also get a bit warm (a product of it being so thin) when gaming, dunno if that would decrease the battery lifespan.


Its a wonderful phone though, I would highly recommend it.  The large screen is fantastic, the camera is one of the best i have used on a phone, call quality is clear, its fast and responsive and there are many, many roms for it.

I would never go back to a small screen phone now, browsing and watching iplayer etc on the note is a joy to behold after fumbling about on a 3 inch screen.

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