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Port your PhoneGap app to Windows Phone and win prizes

Guest hecatae

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Guest hecatae

Today, Microsoft are launching a porting challenge and inviting developers who have used PhoneGap to publish applications in other stores to port their apps to Windows Phone 8... and potentially win prizes!

Members of a panel selected from Microsoft, the Adobe PhoneGap team and industry experts will choose 20 winners, based on apps that are:

  • Original
  • Innovative
  • Easy to use
  • Engaging and visually appealing to the user

The panel will pick 3 grand prize winners who each will receive a Windows Phone 8 and a Surface Pro device and 17 first prize winners who each will receive a Windows Phone 8 device. Potentially more valuably, all winning apps will be evaluated for featured slots in the Windows Phone Store.

So that's 20 winners in total.

The challenge starts today, May 20th 2013 and you have until June 30th 2013 to submit your app for the porting challenge. Winners will be announced on July 19th 2013 at the PhoneGap Day event in Portland, Oregon. The challenge is open to developers in all countries/regions where Windows Phone Dev Center registration is available.

If you're looking to compete, please read the rules and you can follow this link to sign up - http://www.phonegapwpchallenge.com/

[Via: Windows Phone Developer Blog]


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