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[Tutorial] How to [OFFICIALLY] Unlock The Bootloader [With Definitions] [RELOCK Guide Included!]

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Guest demongirl

I presume you're referring to the B952 update.app?

If so you can still get it direct from Huawei:


Yes was that file, I've already download it, thanks for the help, one more think if you can help me, I've a ics rom based on stock, this file Works on this or I need to download a stock rom too? If I need to download it, I have to download a ics or I have to do a downgrade to gb? My HUAWEI as come with ics originally, thanks for the help once again!
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Sorry - I don't really understand your question.

If you are asking if you need the stock B952 as well as a stock ROM then the answer is no.

But you need stock (e.g. B952) in order to do an official bootloader unlock.

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To unlock you need to revert to custom ICS temporarily as explained in the tutorial.

Then once you have unlocked the bootloader officially you can root, install CWM and install your custom ROM.

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Was on custom Gingerbread ROM.

Made sure to have my IMEI normal, matching what is under the battery*

Updated to ICS via official V100R001C02B936 update.app.

Unlocked bootloader via the official Huawei method.

Ordered SIM unlock code.

Unlocked SIM-lock the following day.

Fastboot to install CWM. CWM to install custom ICS ROM.

All Good!


Thanks, OP!


*if already on ICS with bootloader officially unlocked and CWM installed, zeroing/altering one's IMEI is just asking for trouble.

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Guest george109

Followed huweig300.com, so easy, and everythings good, no adb or something just plug in and reboot.

Really? I cant even be bothered to condem it, so Ill just stick with, that's not the best idea - if you have reboots, try unlocking with mine, as that seems to solve that problem.

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Guest dalyer

Sorry if i'm late, but apparently you can get your bootloader code instantly using this page:




Its worth a try :)


source: http://www.modaco.com/topic/370878-mod-all-unlock-bootloader-directly-from-huawei-website/


I entered my details and it says


We regret to say that the information you are searching is not found. Pleae mail to [email protected], We'll respond to you as soon as possible, thanks.


I don't know if it matters that I already got the code from Huawei by email a while back?

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