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[ROM][JB 4.1.2][Sony Xperia S LT26i]MIUI V5 [3.5.24] + All Files and Tutorials

Guest BalcanGSM

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Guest BalcanGSM


- This Rom is originaly made by crew from MIUI China Forums,and all regards are going to them. -

- All files and tutorials are colected from Internet & XDA Forums,so all regards are going to their authors.Also they could be used for installing any custom rom for Xperia S -

- I'm Not responsible for any eventual errors and misbeheaveing of your devices. -

ROM Description & Changelog:

This ROM is based on the FXP220-cm-10-20130517-UNOFFICIAL-nozomi to make the ROM with patchrom adaptation support OTA, and include various bug fixes to work normal .


Fixed GPS Lock,Fixed WIFI Area Code,CM10 Camera,Fixed Contact Pictures,NFC Full Support,Partially Fixed Overheating Issues,Partially Fixed FM,Repaired Streamlines,Fixed T9 Dial,Fixed Led Color Change,Better RAM Consumption,Better Auto - Brightness,...


Official Build 3.5.24 Changelog:


Fix - In some cases contact name does not appear on the incoming call log


New- Added support for merging serveral messages into one for forwarding etc

Fix- Unable to send MMS in some cases

Fix- Lag issues when sliding to ‘recommended message’ button

Fix- In Guard Mode, the number of texts displayed in message search box

Fix- Text messages can be searched via Global Search

[Lockscreen, status bar, notification bar]

New - Added vibrating alert when the phone is connected to USB cable for charging

New - Clicking the time in notification bar opens the alarm clock interface

Optimisation - Improved the drop-down notification bar fluency

Optimisation - Added black gradient background when dragging notification bar background down

Fix - Stock android menu pop-up when connected to USB


New - Support icon filter function. Icon filter function can be used in themes to alter third-party icon styles

Fix - In the theme details page,clicking the ‘update’ button may cause FC error


Optimisation - “New Album” button in the pop-up window is moved to the top when adding to Cloud Albums

Optimisation - ‘Unorganized album’ title in Cloud Albums is modified as ‘My Photos’.


Optimisation - Macro focus efficiency


Fix - App Flash back in Gmail


1.Windows OS powered Computer & Phone Battery charged - 60% at least.

2.Backup your data (Wondershare MobileGo,etc...)

3.Unlocked Bootloader


{Let's Start..

:: Firstly Get & Note Down IMEI Code of Your Device. It can be Obtained by Dialing *#06# in Phone Dialer.

: :Charge Your Phone Upto 60% Battery Level So As To Ensure That It Doesn’t Turn Off During The Process of Bootloader Unlocking.

:: Temporarily Disable Your PC’s Antivirus Software As This Might Interrupt The Process.

By Assuming That You’ve Followed The Essential Steps Mentioned Above, You Can Now Move To The Further Part Of The Article Where Will Check on How To Unlock Bootloader.

Step 1 : Installation of USB Drivers.

:: Download Fast Boot Package With USB Drivers

:: Switch Off Your Device & Connect It To The Computer Using USB Cable While Enabling Fast Boot Mode (Press & Hold Volume Up Button To Trigger Fastboot Mode). Windows Will Start Driver Installation As soon As You’ll Connect Your Device To The Computer While Keeping It In Fastboot Mode.

:: Now Extract The Fastboot Package Which You’ve Just Downloaded in Your PC.You Will Find 2 Folders Named As ‘fastboot’ & ‘usb_driver’.

:: Point Driver Installation Location To ‘usb_driver’ Folder.

:: Once Drivers Get Installed, Disconnect Xperia S From PC & Power On It.

Step 2 : Unlocking Bootloader.

:: Before Unlocking Bootloader, You Need To Check That if Your Device’s Bootloader Can Be Unlocked Or Not. For Checking Bootloader Status Dial *#*#7378423#*#* From Phone Dialer To Access Service Menu.Find Bootloader Unlock Status Over There. If It is Set To Yes Then Only You Can Unlock ::Your Device’s Bootloader Otherwise It’s Impossible To Unlock It.

:: After Verifying Bootloader Unlock Status Set To Yes, Go To Sony’s Official Bootloader Unlocking Site.

:: Scroll To The Bottom of The Page & Press Continue.

:: You Will be Prompted With The Message “Are You Sure ?”. Accept It By Clicking On “Yes I Am Sure”.(Assuming That You’ve Read It Properly). Then Accept The Legal Terms.

:: Now You’ll Get “Create Unlock Request” Page.Enter Your Name, Email Address & IMEI (Which You’ve Noted in Essential Steps Mentioned Above).

:: You’ll Now Get Unique Key Which Will Be Displayed On The Screen. Save It Safely As We Will Require It In Next Part Of The Article.

:: Open CMD in your computer and type "cd (location of Fastboot Folder)".

:: Again Connect Your Device To PC by pressing and holding the Volume Up button.

:: Now In Command Prompt (CMD) Type The Following Command :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

:: If Value is Returned (It Should return 0.5), It Means Device is Connected Properly.

:: Type This Second Command Mentioned Below :

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

:: Replace The KEY With The Unique Key Which You’ve Received Earlier and Hit Enter.

Congratulations !! You’ve Successfully Unlocked Bootloader.}


- Easiest way to enter Windows CMD is holding SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on empty space in folder than choose option "Open Command Window Here".



Solution 1 - For all firmware except 2.55.

1.) Download Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v30.

2.) Extract it using 7zip

3.) Double click the RunMe.bat and follow instructions!

Xperia phones with "older" firmware = Normal mode

Sony Tablet and similar = Special mode

Xperia phones with JB Firmare = Mode 3

Solution 2 - For firmware 2.55.

1.) Download and run ERoot 1.1 .

2.) Connect your Xperia S /SL to the Computer(The correct driver is needed ) with USB Debugging and unknows sources on

3.) Just click the “一 键 root ” then wait a moment

4.) when it says “恭 喜 您 ,获 取 root 权 限 成 功 ”,you are success.

5.Flash Recovery


Solution 1 - CWM Recovery

1.)Download and install RecoverX Software

2.)Open RecoverX,select your device and recovery and click next.

3.)Install Busybox if program ask,wait till software download recovery for your device.

4.)Flash recovery.

All instruction are in the RecoverX Software,just read on-screen instructions.

Solution 2 - TWRP Recovery

1.)Download and install TWRP Recovery

2.)Enter fastboot mode .

Turn off your device. Hold volume up on the device and plug it into your computer. The device will now be in fastboot mode.

3.)Run the following command via the command line:

fastboot flash boot stock-6.1.A.0.452-twrp-


- You will do all procedure from fastboot package folder which you already downloaded for bootloader unlocking. -

- Easiest way to enter Windows CMD is holding SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on empty space in folder than choose option "Open Command Window Here".

6.Flash MIUI V5 Rom - Download MIUI V5 3.5.24 - STABLE (Based On 3.5.24 Release)

- Flash Tutorial -

1. Put miui_lt26_3.5.24_adsyfoisdf_4.1.zip copied to the root directory of cell phone (that is a direct copy)

2 .Enter Recovery (TWRP or CWM) (restart device (turn off, turn on & vol+) and while on the SE logo, simply tap the screen of your phone several times.

3. Select [wipe data / factory reset] → [YES]

4. Select [wipe cache partition] → [YES ]

5.Select [advanced] → [wipe Dalvik Cache] → [ YES ] → Back

6.Select [install zip from sdcard] → [choose zip from sdcard] → [miui_lt26_3.5.24_adsyfoisdf_4.1.zip] → [YES]

7.Wait flash finished, press Back and select reboot system now [], the phone going to automatically restart with installed MIUI ROM.

- First boot need ~ 3 - 5 min. -

7.Flash Google Apps (Gapps) - Download GAPPS 4.1.2

Flash GAPPS for V4 Rom - Download GAPPS 4.0.4

- GAPPS Tutorial -

1.After first boot reboot your phone to recovery again.

2.Select [install zip from sdcard] → [choose zip from sdcard]→ [gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip] → [YES]

3. Wait flash finished, press Back and select reboot system now [], the phone going to automatically restart with installed GAPPS.

4.Set up your Google and Xiaomi Accounts(for themes).


- If you're coming from other MIUI V5 realase you don't need to [wipe data / factory reset], [wipe cache partition] and install the GAPPS.just flash this rom over previous. -

- If you have "assert failed" error during flashing rom you can fix it easy by on this way:

Open the zip file with 7zip. go to META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script drag it to your windows explorer (or other programs). open it with notepad and change:

assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "LT26i" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "LT26i" ||

getprop("ro.product.device") == "galaxys2" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "galaxys2");


assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "LT26i" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "LT26i" ||

getprop("ro.product.device") == "nozomi" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "nozomi");

or delete them entirely tongue.gif . save it. then drag n drop to your opened 7zip, replacing old updater-script. - (Thanks to m1st3r1)

good.gifENJOY YOUR MIUI V5 ROMgood.gif

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