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Unpacker for acer_MergedOSFile.bin (Acer A1, A2, A3, A4)

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Guest errmsg

Just in case somebody needs to unpack official Acer builds for A1, A2, A3 and A4, here is an unpacker for acer_MergedOSFile.bin:

GitHub, Win32 build: unpack_acer_mergedosfile.exe (sha1:b4f5a706d4b8244be48df9d11ce1670a09789980, 16K)

This is a command line application only.

Please note that if you want to flash the .img file with fastboot, you will need to skip first 20 bytes of the image. Use -s option.

Usage: ./unpack_acer_mergedosfile [-s] [-f] [-d dir] acer_MergedOSFile.bin

-s Skip 20-byte header for some files (enabled for A4)

-d dir Use this directory to extract (default ".")

-f Continue even if MD5 check fails

-h This help

E.g in Linux:
$ ./unpack_acer_mergedosfile /home/rye/Projects/VFIT/acer_MergedOSFile.bin

Checking MD5... OK: f6d402f768f1a3c008968d308721e4c1

AMSS Version: 03.32.01

Build date: 2011/10/22 12:44:57

Extracting MBN to ./partition.mbn (464 bytes)

Extracting DBL to ./dbl.mbn (152408 bytes)

MergedFile is missing FSBL, skipping.

Extracting OSBL to ./osbl.mbn (893472 bytes)

Extracting AMSS to ./amss.mbn (17682432 bytes)

MergedFile is missing (unknown 1), skipping.

Extracting APPSBOOT to ./appsboot.mbn (139104 bytes)

MergedFile is missing (unknown 2), skipping.

MergedFile is missing DSP1, skipping.

MergedFile is missing (unknown 3), skipping.

Extracting QPSTHOSTL to ./NPRG8650.hex (894134 bytes)

Extracting BOOT to ./boot.img (3362816 bytes)

Extracting SYSTEM to ./system.img (188373504 bytes)

MergedFile is missing USERDATA, skipping.

Extracting RECOVERY to ./recovery.img (3608576 bytes)

MergedFile is missing SPLASH1, skipping.

MergedFile is missing MICROP_FW, skipping.

Extracting ADSP to ./adsp.mbn (5407020 bytes)

Extracting FLEX to ./flex.img (12672 bytes)

MergedFile is missing LOGODINFO, skipping.

Version history

v1.0: Initial release

v1.1: Implemented MD5 check. Use -f to force unpacking the image even when MD5 check fails.

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Guest DopT1

Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, but how do I use this tool exactly? Thanks in advance

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Guest Master_T

If you're under Windows, just drag and drop the .bin file on top of unpack_acer_mergedosfile.exe

If you're on Linux... you know how to use a shell already ;)

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Guest errmsg

That's how the process looks in Windows:


Use -s option to get an image flashable with fastboot. Otherwise there would be a 20 byte header that's required by AMSS (baseband OS) which will cause partition to be unreadable by Android when flashed with fastboot.

The rationale behind having that as a flag is that I plan to work on an application that would allow flashing the baseband MTD partitions from my Linux installation (which eventually would allow patching the partition table without these kernel hacks).

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