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Guest gunapriyan

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Guest gunapriyan

Dear Friends,

For the Past 1 year, I was used various ROM's in my blade.

Thanks to Konsta, Tilal ......etc......

Frankly Speaking, New ROM's are Good....But they are eating the speed of Blade.....

Now my mind want ROM for Touch and GET which is speed actually set in Blade......So I request you to please prefer the ROM [stock ROM is also OK.]

Some of the Regular User may agree about my thoughts......

Thanks & Regards,

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Guest clavera

Well, as I noticed every 4.2.x rom works "like a butter " when I scroll something or during multitasking, but everything what is connected with speed ends here. Newest android is smooth, but very languid(?). You have to wait at least 5 seconds before something will happen. Example: Click on the telephone app, then wait before it will show, and then wait again <longer> before it will load up. Android 4.1 is faster, but still it has no chance with 2.3. Currently (Android 2.3) when i touch something i wait not longer than 1 second, and it shows up.

We didn't metioned android 4.0. (I will skip 3.0 and 3.1 because of... Oh, you know! :P). Let's talk about this "wonder of nature"! 4.0 is a great hybrid between speed, functionality and look. ICS works fast, quite smooth and it is simply good looking.


#1 Lightness -> Gingerbread>ICS&JB

#2 Look -> JB&ICS>Gingerbread

In my opinion we should invest more work in ICS.


Sorry for English, I have only sweet 16 yo.

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