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VegaBean concerns: App space, app crash

Guest O_H

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I have a variant of the vega at hand, and I flashed it with VegaBean Beta 6, as it was said to be stable.

It used to be on VegaComb, and no stuff works on it until I upgraded it.

Here are my problems:

1. When I install the Facebook app, it hangs all the time.

2. Higher levels of Candy Crush Saga also glitches the graphics. Does not happen with games like Angry Birds.

3. There are times the pad does not respond in a timely manner, particularly the touchpad.

4. With apps being installed, some install directly to internal memory. I want them to install to the SD card instead, where it has 8 gigs to play around with.

DO note:

1. This is my first time to play around with an android device, devil may care. (meaning if I break it, no biggie)

2. While I am an android n00b, I've been playing around with PCs for quite some time. I can flash devices, have done so with an ipad and even a video card.

3. Based on the benchmarks I've ran on the advent vega, it looks like the Tegra chip needs to catch up with the newer devices in terms of performance and speed.

I expect civil and extremely helpful replies, if there will be.

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I redid the sdcard partition, things are somewhat better.

However, Facebook is slow still, but not outright useless.

Candy Crush Saga still has problems.

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Even more updates:

Candy Crush Saga pushed an update, and the hang problem disappeared, was able to play normally.

Now the focus of the problem is the browsers, which caused lockups or even a reboot. Firefox and Chrome are most notorious for this.

Facebook also tends to lock up, resulting in a forced termination.

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