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[Doubt][Optimus Barcelona (ZTE P736E)] - How i do?

Guest bpimentan

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Guest bpimentan

Hello to everyone in the community,

I am Portuguese and have come to this forum for some time now and it is the best I've seen in the area. Unfortunately, in Portuguese there is little information on how to change the rom of android's and changing some features...

As already noticed, there is little information on my android, Optimus Barcelona. After some research I found information and actually the true name and version of this phone, which is called ZTE P736E.

Because there's so little information, I'm confused, because I noticed that there are several mobile phones with different names but whose model is identical.

I have several questions, some of which are?

1 - As you know this mobile phone as their peers, have an internal memory horrible, I can not now make updates to each of the pre-installed applications. 've Seen here somewhere something in partitioning the memory card, which in my case is 8GB, but I already have stuff there, do not know how to do and can do.

2 - I know it gives to change the rom source. Since my phone is already root, how can I do this and what is the easiest method.

Sorry for all the questions, since I am new in these things. I do not know if there is information to this version, is because they are so dissipated already lost myself among them.

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Guest dodgetimmy

If you indeed have the p736e your device is also more commonly known as a T-Mobile-vivicity. There are some roms on here made specifically for that model and you can also use roms made for the San Francisco II providing you afterwards flash a vivacity kernel.

As for extending storage space, you're correct about using the sd card, there are some roms that integrate this feature(such as fish n chips) but you can also just install a custom script such as a2sd or sd2ext that will also work.

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