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[BUILD.PROP] Strings

Guest krishang3

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Guest krishang3

Notes -

Hi all, once again I'm doing my contribution here, why because I got my G300 to operate.

I have used these in my latest Desire X rom, and Yes these strings work.

Confirmed Working - Yes

Device Specific - G300 and Desire X

Strings -

# density in DPI of the LCD of this board. This is used to scale the UI appropriately.

# If this property is not defined, the default value is 160 dpi.

ro.sf.lcd_density = 240

# View configuration for QVGA

# This is useful for scrolling, getting the best amount of scroll, this is my configured strings.

view.fading_edge_length = 8

view.touch_slop = 15

view.minimum_fling_velocity = 25

view.scroll_friction = 0.008

# default value of brightness, used to set brightness of your device when originally started up.


# For SD storage insert notification sound, you may need to implement the .ogg's and function to your rom.

persist.service.mount.playsnd = 0

# This is a high density device with a reasonable amount of memory (512), so larger vm heaps for it.

# For ICS project, default 32m/48m.



# For HSDPA low throughput.

ro.ril.disable.power.collapse = 1

# Enable SIM Hot-Swap feature.

ro.ril.enable.sim.hot.swap = 1

# For emmc phone storage

ro.phone_storage = 1

# For ext4 file system

ro.ext4fs = 1

# For long press power key to restart.

ro.product.hwreset = 1

# For quick boot mode.

persist.sys.shutdown.mode = hibernate

If you found this useful, don't hesitate to hit the rep button.


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