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Dolby Sound

Guest shakil skl

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Guest shakil skl

Hey Friends Im Downloaded Some latest Custome Rom

on chinese forms and i found dolby sound apk on app drower

my question how to use this apk on my stock rom and witch lib files needed to modify

hope any one help me

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Guest merdo84

If u have installed DSP Manager, please UNINSTALL DSP MANAGER first before installing this!

They cannot work together!

1: Install Dolby.apk

2: Open it directly after installation

3: You will see Simplified Chinese Explanation with Dolby Surround Sound label, that's normal.

4: Push the home key(let it run in the background) and install the player.

5: Open the player, you will see nothing is on the list, just push the home key,15 seconds later,

reopen the player then it will appear the tracks u have in the phone.

6: Play the track, then a box with Chinese characters will pop up which notifies u that Dolby Sound is activated.

7: While playing the track, u can press the option key(key on the right hand side of home key on the phone),

u will see Sound Effects, where u can do your own settings.

8: Check the box (Dolby Mobile)

9: Second option is a list of equalizer presets, for me , the "杜比助力器" is the best, or u can choose other

from the list.

-dolby apk- and -dolby player apk- DOWNLOAD:


I'v found this on xda thread . I hope this works for you

orginal thread : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1870966

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