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Huawei u8800, cant open.

Guest Cursed Chico

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Guest Cursed Chico

2 weeks ago, the lcd screen was changed. THen i installed aurora v20. It was good but discharging fast and my flash wwas not working. And i could not see my internal sd. It was not mounted. So, i wanted to go back to stock rom to see what would happen. I wiped in cwm . After a few trying, it went this loop. NOw my phone is open, 2.3.5. But if i restart, it will again not open, maybe open but a lot of popups that show "stop activity" of for example calendar, andfroid system. If i dont wipe data in android recovery, i cant open the phone.

I can only go into Android recovery, and can wipe data. Then after 2-3 restarts, Huawei X5 boots. If I restart phone, a lot of windows showing stop activities shows. I can't even click restart button.

So, I put 2.3.5 first, then Gingerbread "custom app" to download in external and internal SD. After wiping in Android recovery, I power off. With + - and power, I made it update. This time, updates were successful. Before, it was always failing.

It could make updates. But after updates, it could not start again. After loading Huawei logo, it restarts and can't go to homescreen. So, I had to go to Adnroid recovery again and wipe data.

I can't change recovery because I can't install superuser. Superuser should be restarted, but if it is restarted, phone can't start.

I can only use SD card, after wiping data, until one restart. How can I change without rooting recovery? And I change recovery, does this help? I don't know what the problem is.

In my sd card, there are dload s, aurora 4.0 s, cyangane , partition zip and like that a lot of zips but in android recovery , when i try to install, it fails. Only i can install in update mode (Volume up volume down and power), the one in dload file.After updating that (to 2.3.5.), it restarts 1-2 times maybe, then i can go into desktop and settings. But if i restart again, it breaks. I am bored of this. What is wrong with phone? I downloaded a lot of dload files, maybe i am not using the proper one.

I wrote very complicated but situation is this shortly: my phone is now open, 2.3.5 If i restart for exampkle to install super user, it shows logo and then restarts. Maybe, it opens desktop but there appears a lot of popups, ending activities.

So i go into android recovery(because no cwm). And wipe data. Then again go into that loop. Please help me.

phone:Huawei u8800 x5

android version:2.3.5


build number: u8800v100r001c00b526g001

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