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[ROM] ZTE v987 Chinese Rom Collection

Guest dakok

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Great news again: The first ShenduOS MTK rom release goes to (not hard to guess) ZTE v987 :)


ZTE v987 rom list in post #2 is updated now with link that goes to Shendu website.

This is the first beta release, so don`t rush onto it. :)


Shendu roms for other MTK devices will follow soon...







It seems that Lenovo P780 got its Shendu beta, too. Here is some Shendu rom info

that probably goes for both models (google translate):


About Shendu OS
Shendu OS is based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project),
CyanogenMod10 and AOKP (Android Open Source Kang Project)
from the integration of the Android system. The current release version is Android 4.1.2.
Development is aimed at making the Android system to better meet people's habits and
aesthetic point of view, to do more convenient, easier to use mobile operating system.
Update cycle
Shendu OS official versions fortnightly update in the update released on Monday
week update log, update week about 14:00 Friday afternoon release.
1. Set interface
On the setting items have been reclassified and divided, streamline operations, providing
common settings interface that allows users to quickly locate their desired setting item, so
settings no longer cumbersome and complex.
3. Guest mode
Offers visitors model, do not want others to open applications and data for deep protection,
which greatly improves the user too protective of their privacy, no longer have to worry about
their privacy discovered by others.
9. Desktop
New desktop design, remove the app drawer, automatically remove blank pages, innovative editing
mode, supports slide into edit mode, bring down the status bar and other gestures, handy program
folder actions, plug-ins and other custom sizes, etc. functions you to dig!
Talk: Normal 
WIFI: normal 
Photographic: normal 
GPS: normal 
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A warning about MIUI OTA upgrades 

After receiving notification about new miui version I decided to give it a chance.

Strangely, it was over 260 MB large (usually it is 20MB or so).

After reboot, phone stuck at ZTE logo and I couldn`t get into cwm and stock recovery.


Later on, I took sim card and sd card out and tried to reach cwm again.

I managed to do so, but the cwm screen lasted for only 10 seconds and then phone rebooted to 

ZTE logo.

I tried again, and cleared dalvik cache during that 10 seconds period, cleared cache, too.

CWM was OK and then I installed previous MIUI from SDcard with standard procedure.


So if this happens to you - you know what to do now.

And stay away from OTAs :)

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Here`s some interesting news:



Koobee OS is added to rom list in 2nd post

If you don`t know that already, Koobee is another phone manufacturer from China that have their own OS (or UI).



WSP-RH123 got to its last - 7.0 skin release.

They say that there`s no point in making new "skins" due to flaws in original firmware.

Now they are taking another path - making an original UI for ZTE v987.  B)


At least, that`s what I got from this words :):

大家好,在这里我想说一声抱歉,我们组决定,不再开发WSP-RH123 skin。

skin7.0已经是终结版本。由于官方包的缺陷,你们懂得。所以我们将另外开发一个。即WSP-RH123 UI,

WSP-RH123 UI不再基于官方,相信我们会做的更好的。


Or, in goonglish:

Hello everybody, here I want to say loudly: Sorry, we group decided not to develop WSP-RH123 skin.
Skin7.0 already the end of the release. Due to defects in the official package, you know.
So we will develop another one. That WSP-RH123 UI,
WSP-RH123 UI no longer based on official, I believe we will do better.
Version 5.5 is in my rom list in second post. If you want a link to skin 7.0, you can
get it here, at WSP-RH123`s Baidu Drive
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New stuff:


1. The first Miui release for ZTE v987 that is transplanted from the first Mediatek Xiaomi phone - Hongmi aka Red Rice

2. Baidu ROM goes v5.1 - new Baidu generation is optimised for low RAM devices (512MB)


No time for links now, I`ll try to set it later.

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