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[ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

Guest SingleWolf

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Guest 24413362

Ohhohoooo, c'mon baby! :D 4.3 on my Skate - unbelievable! :wub:

Wait.. What about partitions (system and cache)? I'm on 230 MB system and 2 MB cache with a CM10.1 (C3C0's PJ3)

heihei,i like too.我也是哦!
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Nice to hear this, thanks for your efforts :). How about a stripped Gapps for this builds, will you make it?

I made one: gapps-4.3-stripped-20130903-bazyx.zip (14.0 MB)


I used this one as basis:


And replicated the configuration as found in this one:


Some of the apks that were removed could be installed directly from the file manager. Just take them out of gapps-jb-20130813-signed.zip and copy them to your sd card first.


I could not test it yet as I am partitioned on 200 MB + 2 MB cache and that is not enough for the ROM itself (202 MB)... So I need to install a GB ROM, use TPT helper to partition to 230 MB + 2 MB cache and try again. If anyone has a zip with this layout, I 'd be glad to use it directly. Less hassle.

Tested it with 230 MB main + 2 MB cache partition. Google Play works. What else do you need?

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Thanks for this. I took the long road in the meanwhile. Found C3C0's Skatie in TPT image format and installed it. Used my backed up apk of TPT Helper to install it and could repartition according to my likings. I am testing the 4.3 ROM installation right now. Will let you know about the stripped GAPPS in a short while.

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Guest Gerycard

So cm-10.2-20130905-NIGHTLY-p509.zip is the release, that we can try on our Skates? (Of course, thank you for the Developer's works!)

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