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[Xperia L][Guide] How to use Flash-tool Unlocking/Relocking/Flashing Stock Rom

Guest Mrcl1450

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Note :

Disadvantages of unlocking bootloader? ( Doesn't matter if you have backed up your TA)

>> You may void your warranty.

>> You may loose some proprietary vendor software such as Bravia Engine, Download Music info etc. due to removal of DRM security keys.

>> OTA updater may refuse to update your device and pop up a 'Device's software modified' message.

>> I and XDA members will not be held responsible for the damage you may do to your phone.

>> This guide it's not mine!!!

>> So lets get started :

>> First of all download flashtool from : Search it / Google it

>> Then, Install it.

>> After that run your flashtool.

>> Then, If you want to unlock your bootloader then proceed with following steps :

>> Check unlocked bootloader :

>> Go to dialer

>> Type *#*#7378423#*#*

>> Service info > Configuration

>> Rooting status :

>> "Bootloader unlock allowed" - You can unlock your bootloader

>> "Bootloader unlock not allowed" - You cannot unlock your bootloader.

>> Search for Unlock bootloader Sony [Official site]

>> Then follow the instructions and receive unlock code.

>> Then go to flashtool and click BLU button


Then, Power off your phone.

>> After that connect you phone via usb simultaneously press volume down button

>> No indicator will glow

>> You have successfully connected your phone via Flashmode.

>> Flashtool put your unlock code.


>>> You Bootloader is Unlocked

>>> How to Re-Lock your bootloader :

>> Follow the above steps

>> Connect your phone in Flashmode

>> Then press BLU button in Flashtool

>> Then Press Relock [Hope you are in stock room and on stock kernel or else u will get bootloop.]

Q. How to flash Stock Rom via Flash tool its easy just follow these steps :

- Power off your phone [Keep it in power off mode [Till you setup the flash tool.] After setting up Press Vol Down Button simultaneously connect it via USB to PC it will get into flash mode [Drivers must be installed forehand or else computer may not recognize it ]

- Then go to your flash tool folder[Where you installed the flash tool.]


- Copy the .ftf file to [Flash tool folder] firmware folder for example : [C:\Flashtool\firmwares ]

- Then, start your flash tool


- Press the flash button, Select flash mode


- Select the firmware & Leave all the settings as it is i.e. wipe data and cache selected, Select No final verification [After searching google i got this answer : It will check whether any error occurred during flashing, i had disabled it when flashing stock rom on my phone. so idont know what happens when we keep it unchecked.]

- The flash tool will setup files and start flashing, Don't touch your phone or press any button.

- You have successfully recovered your phone back to stock state.

Thanks & Credits for XDA members Androxyde & Navneet Suresh for this guide.

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Hello I have Sony Xperia Z lollipop with unlocked bootloader after unlock it I lost the DRM keys and I also have not backup of them. my phone's screen mirroring any mirrorlink functions are not working after that. I want to get them please give me the solution.

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