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[Q] Running desktop applications

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Hi folks,

thinking of buying the osg to be able to fix urgent issues while commuting to/from work. But not sure about compatibility z2460 with binaries for x86, though it’s ok with z2760 (acer w510, http://www.amazon.co.../R3SAAMO1QHCGB1). And otg specs are good enough for not heavy desktop applications (e.g. a browser with flash and java, or some ide).

Did anybody try to run desktop applications (without source code or not recompiled) in chroot on orange san diego or other atom smartphones?

Or please share your thoughts on this.

Thank you

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Courtesy of Zhiming Zhou (http://zohead.com/ar...=en#comment-643)

If you run a full desktop Linux system in XOLO X900 like android x86 device,

desktop Linux runs in chroot environment (in android x86 kernel), it’s able to run PC applications

Please refer to my post about running Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900:


I’ve managed to run desktop programs like: Ubuntu One, Skype, Sopcat, LibreOffice …

And also it’s able to run some Windows program with Wine emulator in desktop Linux

And just out of curiosity possibly there were some programs which didn’t work? (I mean not games, but think games statistic will be interesting for others as well)

The problem is I’m using a DisplayLink USB display adapter (with powered USB hub, very ugly) for X11 desktop Linux display,

if you want to avoid use USB display adapter, you may need to use tightvncserver to run X11 server,

and run VNC viewer in Android to connect to desktop Linux (you can use HDMI output to larger screen for XOLO X900),

VNC performance is quite poor, you can’t do something like gaming, video playback may also quite slow

And if you are running chroot Ubuntu, Upstart may not work well, there is a solution in my blog

Also some hardware or driver related program can’t run in chroot Linux

Thank you

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