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Have all version of CM their own kernel?

Guest Lowkdown

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Guest Lowkdown

Hi everyone,

I got a Mobistar CM and I flashed Miui.

However, I wan't to go back on the stock rom but after flashing I had the Dmd kernel 1.2

So now, when i want to flash my phone, it have a bootloop... So i'm searching after the stock kernel.

So, is there a unique kernel to the CM or a version for mobistar, another for orange etc...?

Sorry for my bad english and thx for reading.

There is my ADT log file

BaseFastboot start

Flash Process Beginning

[OutputMsg_Devices] 2e894be1 fastboot

[OutputMsg_Devices] Device_ID [2e894be1]

[Ft_Command_Devices] Exit code is [0]

flash aboot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer Inc\Acer_Mobile_Setup\test\ExtractBinFolder\emmc_appsboot.mbn"

[Ft_Command] : [info] : Args : flash aboot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer Inc\Acer_Mobile_Setup\test\ExtractBinFolder\emmc_appsboot.mbn"

[ErrorMsg] sending 'aboot' (288 KB)...

[ErrorMsg] OKAY [ 0.025s]

[ErrorMsg] writing 'aboot'...

[ErrorMsg] FAILED (remote: Due to device is fused, non-merged file is not supported)

[ErrorMsg] finished. total time: 0.029s

[Ft_Command] Exit code is [0]

[Clean_Fastboot_Data] Delete fastboot.exe

[Clean_Fastboot_Data] Delete AdbWinApi.dll

And fastboot oem info

C:\Users\******\Desktop\Fastboot+ADB>fastboot -i 0x0502 oem device-infos


(bootloader) Device tampered: false

(bootloader) Device unlocked: true

(bootloader) Device CPU type is 8260a-1

OKAY [ 0.006s]

finished. total time: 0.007s

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Guest Spacecaker

if u want i can upload u my twrp backup of boot for stock rom

but can only be backed up if u run twrp and select boot

and ye CM uses different kernel ;)

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Guest Lowkdown

Hi, thx for the reply

If you upload that, I can be boot on the stock rom? Even if I get miui and I am on a mobistar CM?

If yes, I think it can help me cause I'm fed up of miui (and these bugs), I want to change a little

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