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rooting v5 with eroot

Guest Ironandroid

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Guest Ironandroid

I have rooted succesfully this phone with eroot.

what you neeed are:

eroot v1.3.4

adb drivers

for eroot use this link


for adb drivers


Credits to tillaz

First you must have the phone recognized by yoiur pc . this is why it must be necessary to dl the drivers and install them.

once installed switch off the pc and restart it (for me it was mandatory and costed me 4 hours of useless attempt)

launch eroot and connect the v5 with the usb cable

the programme will recognize the phone by turning green and showing a big vow5 sign.

click the green button and within 30 secs the process is done

disconect the phone and if you have an already existing superuser app it won t work.

go to play store -my app- find it- delet it- and install back again

open it, it will ask for an uptade. do it and open it again

at this point you will get to the famous page of granting su access to the apps

you are done

i had already installed mobileuncle on the phone . i do not know if it was useful for this procedue but i report it as it was the only non stock app present

i used a pc with windows 8 on it so no problem with system

hope it helps

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