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[ROM] Huawei Ascend G510-100 (B194) (V2.0 FINAL - 17.9.2013)

Guest ShockeyCzT

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Guest bbosstjan

A modified version STOCK ROM for use on G510-100.

ROM is BugFree

AnTuTu Benchmark score - 8600+!

Changelog (4.9.2013): Added NFC and 720p recording

Changelog (5.9.2013): Notification toggle and APN now works!

Changelog 2. (5.9.2013) Repair NFC and change Nova Launcher for Android Launcher

Changelog (6.9.2013): Added Camera and Galery from android 4.3. I also added Adrenaline Engine and new notification toggle. Performance is now larger and rom is more stable. ROM contains ROOT. (The amendments concern only ROM with Android Launcher.)

Changelog (8.9.2013):Added SuperSU 1.60, bugs in camera is now fixed

Changelog (17.9.2013):Fixed a bug with booting, kernel updates, SystemUI Update.

ROM V1.6 with EmotionUI:


ROM V1.9 FINAl with Android Launcher:


Update V1.9 to 2.0:






Credits to Tillaz

Nice job mate. Thanks for your work. I didn't like the look of the stock ROM so this was the best option I could find that was supposed to be stable enough for a daily driver (I didn't buy a new phone just to fiddle with ROM's every other day ;) ).

So I gave it a try.


I flashed the ˝ROM V1.9 FINAl with Android Launcher˝, upgraded imediatly with ˝Update V1.9 to 2.0˝ and flashed the ˝root˝ file. Reboot and woila... No notification bar :(


Anyway after some brainstorming and searching for solutions online I just decided to reflash the ROM, and leave out the Update to V1.9, and this time it worked perfectly.

I now have the notification bar and everything seem to work OK. I must say that I flashed it on g510-200 (single SIM). I didn't test for the NFC, but I don't really need so I don't really care that much about it. Though I do wish that in the phone info it would display G510-200 ( now it displays g510-100).




Antutu gave me the score of 8177:



Yes it is bat it will naw display the name of your device like G510-100... You can change this in a build properties.


How do I do that?


Network not work properly... I have 510-200. 3g is slow, but 2g is imposible (wifi works great).

I don't know where si the problem.

Anybody has this problem?



All works just fine with my phone.



as i see u can choose other languages.



i installed 1.9 and then 2

but still i see Nova launcher

and every 10 min there is error message says "unfortunatly, the system UI has stopped woriking"

In Nova i c no no notification bar!!

by the way thanks for you nice rom


I had the same thing. Reinstalled without update to 2 now works OK. Only thing that still keeps crashing is Tesla plugin ( I have to disable that).


One more thing that gave me a bit of problems was the fact that when I installed ony 1.9, without the 2.0 upgrade I lost the program to install the system settings file. Later on I found it while root browsing, but it was an apk. file which I had to install. After that it appeared in the programs list and I was able to load previously saved program backups.


Anyway long first post... ;)


Keep up the good work!

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Guest PpaSmurf

Hi guyz, mind I'm newbie to moding. Last phone I've moded was Xperia X8 with cyanogen. I wanted to ask will this mod solve G510 mic issue. I've read about removing viber app, drilling bigger hole to secondary mic even some code which didn't work for me. Will this mod solve it? And do you know which mod is most stable and user friendly for this almost good phone. Thank you.

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