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Wireless charging

Guest papars

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Several months now I've been charging my Acqua wirelessly.

It's time to share this with the world.

The modification was easy and the phone does not look anyway modified from the outside. Surprisingly all the new electronics fit inside the phone and the case closes properly. There is however a small bump barely noticeable but this helps the positioning of the phone on the charger.

The cost was less than €15 (including the charger mat) and it took about half an hour to make. Already I have modified a friend's Acqua as well.

Needless to say the warranty goes out of the window, but you already know this since you are reading MoDaCo and running CM10.x on your phone :-)

The inside looks like this now:


The end result:



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Guest MJonMoDaCo

Cool! Certainly a bit different. A company from my country developed this tech and released it last year.


Still, its not as innovative as a particular clever young thing in this article:


Now, I certainly wouldn't mind, because my acqua takes 2+ hours from dead flat to charged... Who has the time when 20 seconds will fix it?

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