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CyanogenMod 10 Build R15 [02/10/14]

Guest Kra1o5

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You mean CM in Y300-100 or in general? Because in my previous phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace, for eg.) Spirit FM worked like a charm with CM10/10.1. And the official CM7 for Ace had radio that worked fine too.

The dev of spirit has to do a custom mod for the g300, so it will probably need modifying for the y300/g510 too.

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Sdcard work well?

Yes, all worked fine. The screen washout on the y300 either got worse or just more annoying after a couple of hours. Battery not brilliant - about 10% an hour in relatively light use.

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I have problems with auto brightness, anyone have it?

I have same problem with you too.

When I set to auto brightness, the screen and button value just stick to "255" (full bright) even I have set custom value...so hurt my eyes @@

And every time reboot, the button light turns off.

But It turns back on when I adjust the brightness.

So, I set zero in /sys/class/button-backlight/max_brightness using init.d script to prevent the light turns on so waste power.

Everything is working OK.

Please help us to solve this, thanks so much.

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I put the phone down for 8 hours at night and it used 10% of the battery, it has improved a lil, but not perfect yet, so the two major bugs aare still remained with cm, milky screen and battery drain, beside from that every thing is great, nice work kra1o5 way to go

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Screen colors should be adjusted like on lock screen.

Why on earth did you left a surface dithering on by default?

The current used kernel is actually slower than stock!

The buttons backlight bug is very irritating, that hole section have bugs!

I have loo lv system restarts when I run: FMR memory cleaner (when I tap clean) & in Antutu 4.0.3 when it try to run EGL 2.0 test. This is constant!

The basic functionality is OK. Batter drain in sleep mode is little more then 2%/h.

With those bugs related to screen and buttons fixed this ROM can be used for daily use.

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Hi, huge battery consumption only when I turned on the Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the "wake lock" forced CPU online when Wi-Fi is on.

Found this bug in other device and other ROM too due kernel side.

Pictures showing Wi-Fi turned on and turned off.

You can see the CPU never offline when the Wi-Fi is on which consumes more battery, I think so.


So how? Thank you very much.

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I don't understand why in G330 audio doesn't works... this rom is really good =(

You need custom audio lib or probably different Audiofilter.csv

This spirit FM can be installed and sees radio stations and signal strength, can memorize them, just there is no sound.



You need to talk with mike to get this app as supported for Y300/G510.

Only if you purchase the app he make the changes to support it.


EDIT: I forgot to said, I publish R2 :P

Edited by Kra1o5
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Settings > Display > Automatic Brightness > [v] Use Custom | Edit other levels...

When I set number of levels to less than 6, the screen and button turn full bright. 6, 7, 8, 9 no problem.

The speaker is soooo much louder~ :D

Nice rom

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Well r2 all works fine so far. Screen is still slightly washed out, but I think it's better.

Be interesting to monitor battery life over the next few hours.

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