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CyanogenMod 10 Build R15 [02/10/14]

Guest Kra1o5

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I think josalaito's CM10.1 alpha builds didn't had Milky screen on y300.

I hope someone tested that..

I don't see someone say so in that thread.

Can any Tester confirm this??

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Guest jimwormold

Hi all


I've had the R3 of this rom for about a week now and all is well (it's fast and functional) apart from the battery drain. In my pocket this morning, it's dropped 11% in 43 minutes, 56% attributed to Android OS.


Can someone help with this? Are there any settings I can use to improve this? Can I provide any information that may be of help? I've checked my logcats but these are very sparse (only mentioning GPL rendering messages).





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Sorry, now Sound works (I just re-installed the ROM). The bottom button are always with light down. It seems that everuthing works. Good work Kra1o5


For enable button backlight you need to set automatic brightness.



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