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ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

Guest KonstaT

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I have installed CWM and it was only once i was able to boot into CWM.i did that  using the power button +vol.up. Ever since i havent been able to boot into CWM.If i try to boot into CWM with ROM Manager it still boots into stock recovery. My phone was  rooted  without a pc. Used root apk.


Rom manager it will brick your phone or it will damage it ..

You didn't flash cwm recovery properly.

You must install cwm recovery with terminal emulator.

Just read the topic of KonstaT about cwm , at the end of this post describes the way to flash cwm with terminal emulator if your device is allready rooted.

Delete rom manager and do not install anything with rom manager on this phone.

Are you sure your phone is rooted ???

With which app did you root your phone???

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Key root master and kingroot 


Ok , install terminal emulator from playstore and follow the procedure at the end of KonstaT topic for cwm.

In a minute you will install cwm recovery to your phone.

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Tried to install cynogen mod but wasnt able. Tried several times but it failed 


Copy the cwm recovery file in both cards ( external and internal ) and try again , just write the code correctly and you will not having problems.

Open terminal emulator.

Write , su ( hit enter )...

Then write , dd if=/sdcard/recovery-cwm6036-8225.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.3/by-num/p16 ( hit enter and it will be done in a minute )

Just remember to rename the cwm image as you saw in code ( cwm6036-8225.img ).

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Guest Dzamija

Hey guys, I know I'm necroposting like a motherf***er, but I have a very old ZTE Blade V here and I'm trying to install some roms onto it. All the original links in this post have been removed and I haven't been able to find the files anywhere else ? Does anyone happen to have a working recovery and stock rom (or even a custom one? Cyanogenmod would be nice ? ) for ZTE Blade V? It would really make my day. Thanks!

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