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battery matter is always the major complaint...

Guest momotoo

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Sometimes I use Z10 borrowed from my friend as primary cell phone but it have to be charged frequently( sometimes even 4 to 5 hours!), as it only rocks an 1800 mAh battery. At first, I also got an charging bundle with my Z10, in order to eliminate some waiting time…

yep, I can charge both batteries but if they both empty, the charging time may cover long…and sometimes it can not be charged fully, only about 65%. I do not know the exact reasons and sometimes it worked perfectly…

Instead, I recently bought a MPJ 2-USB-port charger which is also able to charge phone and extended battery as the same time. When I need the second battery, just insert it into the phone and go out with another full one.

So I personally accustom to use wall charger…

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