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My ZTE Racer doesn't release the headphones

Guest kana_kanji

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Hello everyone. I have a problem very evident. In the capture file I show what looks on the home screen. I must clarify that I haven't connected more than the USB cable to pass the image. However, shows two shortcomings: still appears the headset connected icon (plus the microphone doesn't work), and I have the data network signal fall again.

Any phone user will know what should this erratic behavior? I have installed the ROM Racerboy # 248 with swap. And I tried the # 224 w / o swap and it was the same.


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You have a faulty headphone socket the phone thinks you're using a headset which it why the microphone doesn't work.

Try inserting and removing a 3.5mm stereo jack into the headphones socket and see if you can get the switch to deactivate itself.

If that doesn't work then try electrolube contact cleaning fluid and that too fails then you may have a dry solder joint on the board.


Richard S.

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