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qutetion about the battery charger

Guest momotoo

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one gripe about ONE is the non removable battery…Now I have read threads and articles about using HTC specialized charger and i am sure i will not have one... From the manual of HTC ONE( my friend bought at sprint) came with a breif introduction about equal to one page of pager which told you only very limited information about it and nothing to be mentioned about the charger.


Both my friend and i usually grabs the charger which is closest…never had such indecision on picking a universal phone charger while the battery has turned off. My previous EVO never encounter any problem while plug in universal phone charger! Due to its non-removable battery, he usually take a MPJ power bank around me, used the factory cable.He was not going to use specialized charger only…another friend’s phone (HTC ONE also)starts opening apps only in landscape mode, no reaction to charging, though original ONE specialized Charger.Why it can be charged only if switched off or battery 100% off?


and do your HTC One using specialized charger??

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Guest Thumper Net

Only problem i have with the supplied charger is i get pop ups that say the battery is charging slowly please use the charger supplied , which is what i do use , apart from that no problems with the htc one , well apart from the waiting for the next update the usa had ( and they have less htc ones's sold there than in europe ) seems strange to update there first and not the biggest market europe first

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