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s2 charging voltage/updated battery problem

Guest momotoo

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My samsung galaxy s2 has some inconvenience issues to be solved. Since last month ago it begin warning high voltage when charging the turn-on phone. Then it would stop the charging the battery . It can be charged only if I turned off the phone and turned it on when it says 100%.


Not sure whether was the battery go wrong and its battery life already very crappy, and the things even worse when the phone was upgraded( it drained a lot as constantly searching for 4G). In fact a few weeks before, I asked help from friends borrowed his MPJ spare battery for this battery issue. His replacement battery was better but why Sprint and Samsung know this is the major complaint but still have failed to correct ever…


I also have been to store but nothing is solved unless to pay to have it back to repair. then I have to begin purchased extended batteries(one even have much higher capacity at amazing 5000mAh) and chargers followed with the friend who helped me so that i keep several charged and ready to change out as needed.


did anyone else encounter this problem before?

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