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Removing Tesco Branding from Hudl

Guest JosephRPalmer

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Guest JosephRPalmer

I'm looking to buy a hudl in the very near future but the deciding factor is whether you can remove or switch off the Tesco branding on the navigation buttons, I don't mind the apps being installed, just the button. 


If anyone knows if there is a way to do this I would be very grateful for their help.



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Guest dmm1000

hi guys

in relation to your above link to removing the branding button

im stuck at 9 and 10

in relation to steps 9 and 10 in the link above  - excuse the noob questions ....


where do you do the ssh command - in which terminal session - on the phone or on the pc (with phone connected via usb) ?

I am doing it on phone (terminal app) and getting "ssh - not found"  - do I have to be within a certain directory when typing ssh command ??

is it just this command ? ssh [email protected]

or this

ssh [email protected]”. SSH Password: abc123.


I don't understand which of the above 2 commands to use?
..... and  what is IPADDRESS - is it actually "IPADDRESS" or is it a placeholder for example put where it says IPADDRESS  - its not made clear ??


is "SSH Password: abc123." part of the command or for information ?

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